Challenging, motivating, funny and magical – every time.

"Imagine people buzzing with enthusiasm, open to new perspectives and eager to put their conference learning into practice instead of parking their binders on a shelf."

First woman to be inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame, Linda is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, delivering dynamite keynotes filled with practical experience in both the public and private sector. Linda received the prestegious designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). It's the PhD of speaking professionals. She's got the credentials and the experience to deliver a knock-your-socks-off event.

Whether it’s a high-energy opening or a closing presentation that ties it all together, the keynote is the cornerstone of a successful conference. And you’ll never get an off-the-shelf program.

Most Requested Keynotes:

Resilience: The Key to Health, Happiness and Success in a Turbulent World

Some people seem to bounce back even when they've gone through difficult or even life-threatening experiences. Explore the components of resilience and the tools and techniques that will help you "go with the flow" even when it feels like a raging river. Leaders will focus on how to keep people engaged, build their self-awareness and be ready for the "next big thing".

Leading With Your Brain: The Physiology, Psychology & Sociology of Change
From Brain Science to Change Leader. Learn about the brain's role in resistance, learning and dealing with the complexity of change.

Asking the Right Questions: Taking Control of Your Future
Everything changes when you ask different questions. See what happens when you answer Linda's 20 Great Questions that could change your future.

Survival is a Lousy Goal
Not a bad idea, but don’t stop there. Change isn't an event to be managed, but an opportunity of a lifetime.

Building a Connected Organization: Engagement is the Key
It’s all about relationships, getting people connected, aligned and pulling in the same direction. It isn’t magic, but the results will be magical.

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"There are millions of experts around the world, but not all of them deliver expert content with an artful mix of humour, storytelling, and memory-making. Linda Tarrant is an expert who left people wanting more and feeling great. Thanks Linda!" Lisa Mort-Putland, Ex. Dir., Volunteer Victoria

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