Healthcare Leadership

Rx for Results

"It's not about getting a certificate, it's about building leadership skills, building leadership teams and making real organizational change – together. And, yes, healthcare is different."

Leadership skills are leadership skills, but the healthcare environment is different. You know that if you've ever engaged a "business-focused" trainer or facilitator. They often just don't get it.

Linda's vast experience in healthcare gives her a unique ability to tailor her Leadership Development Programs to the healthcare audience. She understands healthcare professionals, their issues and challenges. Linda has worked with over 500 healthcare organizations in Canada and the US, and with healthcare leaders around the world. She is committed to leadership development for physicians as well as their clinician and administration colleagues. When they learn together they lead together.

Linda has a great working relationship with physicians and is frequently asked to work with medical departments, provincial medical associations, colleges and MACs. She has delivered hundreds of leadership sessions for hospitals, health boards, health regions, LHINs and healthcare professional associations across Canada. Linda is well respected for her ability to help groups deal with the challenges of disruptive behavior.

You won't get an off-the-shelf, standardized program. Every session will be designed and delivered to meet the unique needs of the participants and the organization. Your planning team will participate in developing the content and the process. You might choose to focus on a single leadership topic or engage in a multi-level, multi-topic and multi-day comprehensive program.

Multi-Level Leadership Development Programs:

Canadian Medical Association Physician Manager Institute
Linda was on the faculty of the Canadian Medical Association Physician Manager Institute for 25 years. During her tenure, she delivered each of the modules in the core curriculum, but focused on Change Management and Strategic Leadership.

Vancouver Island Health Authority Co-Management Leadership Symposium
For four years, Linda has participated in the planning, development and delivery of the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) Co-Management Leadership Symposium. She has facilitated numerous programs for thier island-wide medical and non-medical programs and departments.

McGill University Health Centre
The McGill University Health Centre partnered with Linda to develop and deliver a learning program for medical and non-medical leaders.

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance
The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) was a trailblazing pioneer, offering training and development opportunities for their Program Management Leaders. Linda engaged with CKHA to design, deliver and facilitate multiple programs for medical and non-medical leaders, bringing them together from across the organization. Linda also facilitated their annual strategic planning forum for many years.

Hot Topics for Healthcare Leaders:

Physician Engagement
Linda has some challenging questions and some innovative solutions to the issue of physician engagement. She has delivered multiple programs on how to successfully get physician participation, involvement and engagement – and why we need to be clear about what we want and why. Her focus is physician leadership, but there are so many ways to capture the input, interests and needs of the physician community.

Medical and Non-Medical Co-Leadership
Physician leaders bring an essential perspective to the organization. We need that perspective and we need physicians to have the skills and tools to be successful in their leadership role. That's why we want to encourage all members of the leadership team to learn together, develop a common language and gain an appreciation for each other. The multi-level Leadership Development Programs listed above highlight the organizations that have committed to supporting the development of medical and non-medical leaders.

However, there are many ways to develop your co-leadership team. You may decide to focus on a specific topic (see Leadership Development Hot Topics) or you might need to build the team. Linda will help you design the program that is just right for you.